Fleet and Club 49 Club 49

If you purchase our pre-loaded Club 49 card… you qualify for bonus car wash time. The more you use it, the more you save.

Cards are pre-loaded in the following amounts:
$20 - no bonus at this level
$50 - 10% bonus = $55 in washes
$100 - 15% bonus = $115 in washes
$200 - 20% bonus = $240 in washes

Makes an excellent, practical gift.

Please note: lost or stolen cards can’t be replaced unless you have recorded the card’s identification number. If you have a record of the card ID number, it can then be cancelled and the remaining balance moved over to a new card.

Fleet Program

Whether you have 1 or 100 vehicles, signing up for a fleet account helps you maintain your company image and take control of your fleet costs.

We offer you detailed reports for each vehicle and one easy monthly payment.

Other services

If you have question about these or more specific service-related questions, please contact us at 780-963-6751 or email carwash_49ave@hotmail.com.

We’d love to hear from you.